How To Find A Qualified Roofing Contractor


Are you thinking about hiring an Auckland roofer? There are many advantages of getting an Auckland roofer and here are some of the benefits. As we all know, the roofs of our homes and business buildings provide shelter from the weather, while at the same time giving us an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds that are around the area. The job of a qualified and experienced roofer is to keep both these areas in top shape.

Roofs in New Zealand are not one of the easiest things to repair, and this is the reason why many people choose to hire an Auckland roofer. It may be quite tempting to try to fix the damage yourself, but you have to know that doing so could end up costing you a lot more money than it is worth. If you want to avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on repairs, you should start by getting estimates for the work that needs to be done. There are many different roofing companies in Auckland, and most of them offer free estimates for their customers. If you can find an Auckland roofer that has several different quotes from different customers then you will be able to choose the best option.

If your gutters need to be replaced or if you have leaks under your floors, then there are many different options available. When it comes to Auckland roofing companies, you can easily choose a company that offers both indoor and outdoor services. You can have old roofs replaced with new ones, as well as installing gutters and making sure that your roofs are maintained properly. Some of the best companies can also offer insulation services to ensure that the heat inside your home is kept at a comfortable level.

Many contractors will offer installation as part of the entire process. This is beneficial because it allows you to focus on other parts of the project, such as getting electrical work done, or painting the building. If you are planning to get your entire home repaired or remodeled, then it is important to find an Auckland roofer that offers this type of service. If the roof is damaged or needs to be replaced, then having the right contractors around can be vital. They will be able to ensure that the job is completed properly and safely.

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing an Auckland roofer. For example, you should consider whether the company is a licensed one. There are some Auckland roofing contractors that only operate within the boundaries of the country, while others are licensed nationwide. Before hiring an Auckland roofing contractor, it is important to make sure that they are properly licensed. Some of the best roofing contractors will be licensed in both New Zealand and the United States, which means that they will have experienced professionals who know the best ways to repair and replace roofs.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the work that the roofing company is offering. Quality is very important because if you want to hire an auckland roofer, then it is essential that the entire roof is replaced. If the roofing company does not offer this kind of service, then it may be necessary to have another roofing company come and do the repair work. Having another company take care of the repair work will ensure that the roof is properly replaced and will also ensure that it is securely in place.

The next thing that you need to do before hiring an auckland roofer is to ask for some recommendations. If you know anyone who has used the services of an Auckland roofing contractor before, then you should ask them about their experience and whether they would recommend them. In addition, you should also ask other people, like friends and business associates, about whether or not they would recommend the company to others.

In order to find the best roofing contractor, it is vital to ask for the contact information of all the companies that they have been linked with. Once you have this information, you can make your decision much easier. Always opt for experienced Auckland roofing contractors and use the Internet to find out more about them. By doing this, you will ensure that you hire a qualified roofing contractor who will give you years of reliable service.

Where to Find the Best Trailer Options For Your Needs

A large number of trailers for sale in New Zealand can be found online. If you want to save time and money while you are searching for trailers for sale in New Zealand, consider using a site that does the searching for you. Many of these sites will allow you to browse many different models and sizes without spending any money until you find the right trailer for you. This way you can spend your time doing other things rather than looking at trailers for sale in New Zealand.

When you want to buy a trailer in New York, it’s important to keep in mind where you live. If you live in New York City, for example, you won’t be able to purchase a brand new trailer unless you have an automobile insurance policy. In some cases, you can buy a trailer with a cash deposit from the seller. However, if the buyer is unable to locate a buyer, they will be responsible for financing the trailer. You should check with your automobile insurance company before buying a trailer because they may require that you buy a trailer registration as well.

There are many companies that make both open and enclosed trailers for sale in New Zealand. There are also many independent trailer dealers in New Zealand. Some of these independent trailer dealers specialize in brand new cargo trailers. If you are looking for an enclosed trailer or off-brand trailer, then most of these independent trailer dealers can supply it for you. If you decide to shop for your own enclosed trailers, then ask for advice from the salespeople at the dealership or request a brochure from the manufacturer.

Open Car Trailers and Off-brand Trailers Open Car Trailers are commonly known as utility trailers. They are available in both self-contained and unattached trailers. Self-contained trailers are those that require installation of a heavy duty tow vehicle. They can also include a hydraulic tank that supplies propane gas. Some open trailers, such as the ones made by Mack, are designed to be placed on the ground.

Flatbed Trailers and Utility trailers In New Zealand, there are two types of trailers: flatbed trailers and utility trailers. A flatbed trailer is designed so that the goods in the cargo area are supported on flat bed metal tracks. These trailers are used for light industrial equipment or machinery. Utility trailers are designed to transport large and extremely heavy objects.

Garden utility trailers If you are looking for a way to transport your garden equipment, then a garden utility trailer could be just the thing. They are usually used to transport heavy items such as fork lifts or other large equipment. There are many kinds of garden utility trailers available, but one of the best models that is worth considering is the Big Tex range. These are manufactured by Mack and are known for their durability and ruggedness. The company produces several different models, and most of them have been tried and tested to provide the best value for money.

Dump Trailers and New York dump trailers If you need a truck to haul away the waste, then you might need to look at dump trailer or New York dump trailer. Both of these models are manufactured by reputable companies such as Mack and come in a wide variety of makes and brands. You can choose between closed and open trailer versions. Closed trailers offer additional security and safety features, but the cost of these models is generally higher than the open variety. Open dump trailers allow light to get through while allowing the driver to drive freely. Both of these types of equipment trailers for sale are manufactured in New York.

No matter what type of equipment you need to haul or store material, you will find top quality trailers for sale at a Big Tex trailer superstore. These trailers are made from the finest quality materials and provide reliable storage solutions for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you need a simple single or multiple axle dump trailer, or need a high performance four wheeler, you can find whatever you need online at a reputable company such as Big Tex. Big Tex trailers are well known for their reliability, safety features and long lasting durability. If you’re looking to invest in a quality, dependable trailer, then buying from a Big Tex trailer dealer can be the best place to start your search.

Finding the Right Timber Floorboard That Best Suits Your Needs


Types of Timber Floorboards available. There are many different types of timber floorboards that you can choose from. These include solid hardwood floorboards, engineered floorboards, laminated timber floorboards, and pre-finished floorboards to name a few. The type of timber floorboard you decide upon should be dependent upon the environment in which you live, and whether or not it will be installed in a bathroom, kitchen, or other room. Also, the amount of traffic on the floor will get will have an effect on which type you will need to look into.

Solid Timber Floorboards: In this category, there are basically three types of production styles available. These include solid hardwood floorboards, engineered flooring, and laminated timber floorboards. With solid hardwoods, the boards are actually solid pieces of wood that have been veneered together in a certain manner so that they will bond together when they become one piece. This is usually done using two kinds of bonding agents, one to adhere the board together and one to seal it. Engineered flooring on the other hand, will be a solid piece of wood with the boards attached to one another through glue or nails.

Laminate Flooring: This type of timber floorboards will consist of a plastic base under the boards, and a coating over the top of the plastic layer to make it durable. The laminated timber floorboards will then be put into a mould, which will create the design of the floorboard. Many companies will create custom designs for customers in this fashion.

When it comes to choosing your timber floorboards, you will want to find out if they are designed to be stain resistant, or moisture resistant. You should also consider whether you need a high gloss finish or an oil based stain. Some companies will offer unfinished floors, while others will offer both pre-finished and unfinished wooden flooring. If you live in an area that gets a lot of moisture, then you may find that unfinished floors are the best option for you, as the finish will be much more durable than oil based stains.

Hardwood Flooring: This type of timber floorboards can be found at most home improvement stores, as well as some furniture retailers and flooring retailers. You can also buy hardwood floors from many hardware stores, as well as from some home improvement warehouses. This type of wood floor can also be made to order, but you may find that you can get a better deal by shopping online for hardwood floors.

Subfloor: This is what underlies the timber floorboards, and there are several different types of subflooring that you can use for your home. You can use a variety of different materials in your subfloor, including cork, concrete, limestone, tile and even carpet. Depending on the climate of your home and the area you live in, you will need to choose the appropriate sub flooring for your hardwood floors.

Timber Frame: This is the middle part of the wood floorboard. It is the part that provides the base for the timber floorboards that you install in your home. There are many different types of timber frame, including L-shaped and cross-linked. Most timber floorboards have a cross-linked section that consists of four pieces that link together in the middle.

Hardwood Flooring: These types of timber floorings are generally preferred over engineered flooring because they are more durable and last longer than engineered flooring. The cost of this flooring is more expensive than cork or linoleum flooring, but it is worth it if you want the look of hardwood floors in your home. These are also able to be installed on top of existing floors. However, this type of flooring may cause problems if it is situated on an uneven foundation. If this is the case, you may want to contact a qualified flooring installer to check for any other options you have in order to achieve the look and durability that you desire.

Coffee Capsules – What Are Your Options?


When you’re shopping for coffee capsules NZ, it’s important to know what’s inside the capsule. Most are comprised of ground coffee and a mixture of chlorogenic acid powder. The special type that contains none of the coffee is called the Boulder Coffee. It is considered the best type of coffee in the world. In addition, there are many specialty varieties that use only the best beans available.

You’ll find that when it comes to coffee capsules NZ, you’ll have a wide range to choose from. They are available in single serving sizes, two servings and even three servings. Many of the single serving brands do contain caffeine, but not in enough quantities to be of any danger to you. However, the two and three serving sizes do have caffeine in them.

If you are thinking about adding coffee to your diet then it is worth knowing how much is too much. Experts say that two cups per day of coffee is the maximum amount that you should consume. However, you need to remember that you will not get the same benefits from different types of coffee. While the taste may be similar, the caffeine levels may differ. That’s why you have to take into account the type of coffee you drink.

One of the most popular types of coffee capsules NZ is the original granular variety. They are designed to give you the same amount of antioxidants found in whole coffee beans, but with less caffeine. You can purchase these without any caffeine and with one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants available.

Another variety of coffee capsule NZ is the multi-ingredient capsules. These are designed to give you a number of different antioxidants, some with less caffeine than others. You also get a variety of different types of vitamins such as Vitamin C, B, E and Zinc. They are much lower in caffeine than other types of capsules on the market but offer higher doses of important nutrients.

It is best to read the nutritional facts panel on the coffee capsule nz before buying. This will tell you what kinds of nutrients are included, and how much caffeine is included. However, don’t be fooled by the label – you still want to buy a product that has the highest nutritional value. If you’re not getting enough antioxidants or vitamins from the nz, then this is definitely not a good choice.

Coffee capsule NZ that have been manufactured using organic methods is the best choice for those looking to cut back on caffeine. These products still contain a certain amount of caffeine, but very little. Some companies add just a little, but other companies go as far as removing all caffeine. This is because they believe that much of it is bad for us, and they are worried about people becoming addicted to caffeine. When they remove all caffeine, you can drink up to two cups without getting any jitters or headaches.

In the past, many of these coffee capsule nz only had one brand available. Now there are a number of different brands available, so you can try a number of them out before you decide. The advantage of trying a lot of different brands is that you may find a brand you like and stick with it. If you’re not happy with it after a while, though, then switching to a different brand is as easy as ordering another pack online. With a coffee capsule NZ, you don’t have to drink coffee to get your daily dose of antioxidants, and you can enjoy your morning coffee without it.

Finding a Local Pest Control Service


A pest control service in Auckland can help you to reduce the problems that pest caused on your property and can also ensure that the safety of your family. However, choosing one may be difficult. How should one go about selecting a pest control service in Auckland? Should one simply pick up the phone and call a pest control service in Auckland or should they visit one first? The following article will give guidance about what to look out for when selecting a pest control service in Auckland in your area.

It’s always best to get a free consultation before you select a pest control company in Auckland. Asking a couple of questions at the initial meeting can go a long way towards ensuring that you make the right choice. First of all, ask about their experience. Find out how long they’ve been in business and talk about how many pests they manage on an annual basis. A pest control company that’s been around for a while is likely to be well versed in dealing with pests of all kinds, whether they are rodents insects or other pests.

Next, make sure to ask about the pests the pest management service specializes in. Ask them to narrow down their list of pests in Auckland to those that they deal with primarily. For example, if they’re dealing with bedbug infestations in the north shore, east shore, or the west side of Auckland, they’ll want to know exactly which areas these are located in. By doing this, you ensure that you choose a company that focuses on pest control in a particular part of Auckland.

It’s also important to make sure that pest control companies in Auckland have the latest treatments and equipment for all locations. Some pests, like bedbugs, can be resistant to some methods of treatment, so it’s important to find out whether they have the right chemicals on hand. If the answer is no, move on to the next firm. However, if they do have the correct chemicals and treatments on hand, it’s always a good idea to ask the company how they go about applying them. Professional pest control companies know how to carefully apply the treatment so that they don’t pose any health threats to individuals using the equipment.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional inspection service before calling a pest control services in Auckland for assistance. Professional inspectors who visit an infestation site before calling a professional pest control service in Auckland may be able to give you a better perspective on what the problem is. They also have the resources to make sure that the right treatment equipment is on hand, which can make a big difference when dealing with difficult pests. If you find yourself calling a pest control services in Auckland for assistance after a visit by a professional inspector, it’s always a good idea to ask the inspector to give you their opinion of the infestation site. They will want to ensure that the area is clean and safe to re-infest.

Pest control services in Auckland offer several services to help you get rid of pests. Some of them are more traditional than others, such as bait elimination, while others are modern, such as heat treatment or gas treatment. For example, there is a company that offers pest control services in Auckland to remove roaches, mice, and rats from your home or office. This company uses modern techniques and equipment to make sure that they are able to safely get rid of pests.

If you need to deal with pesky rodents, there is another pest control service in Auckland that can handle it. They have the expertise and equipment to handle and remove mice, gophers, raccoons, and other rodents. You can call this company to come out and inspect your building, attic, or crawl space. This company has all the necessary equipment to remove the pests. They offer professional services and guarantee their work. In West Ayrshire, Pest Control NZ offers companies that can take care of the pests in your garage.

If you’re dealing with pesky bugs, there is a pest control service in Auckland that can take care of that as well. Some companies offer pest control services in Auckland for general issues, while others specialize in the infestation. These companies offer services like termite removal, bed bug removal, and spider and pest control. You can search online to find a company in your area that offers pest control services. Once you do find one, always read through the customer reviews. This will help you make an informed decision and get your home and business back on track.

Heat Pump Installation – How To Choose A Good Company


In terms of heat pump installation costs, it usually costs about $4,000 to have a new unit installed. But now you know how to do it yourself, so there is no need to pay extra for professional labor. Furthermore, your electric HVAC bills will be lower than with other traditional HVAC units.

With the use of a heating and cooling system, a lot of energy is saved, which in turn helps to reduce the cost of the electricity that is being used to power the system. If you are able to install a heat pump, you will definitely notice the difference in the energy bills when compared with the previous month.

It does not matter what size home you have, as heat pumps are installed to suit homes of different sizes. A lot of homes come equipped with heat pumps, but for those who do not have these, you can buy one or rent a unit if you cannot afford the installation. If you are wondering what heat pumps look like, they basically look like a small air-conditioner unit, but they have several benefits over them.

For one thing, heat pumps have a much bigger life span than air-conditioners. The fact that they are capable of maintaining a constant temperature is something that most homeowners are impressed by. It also has a much longer warranty than air-conditioners, and this is an added advantage. You will also be assured that the unit is completely safe for the environment.

If you have the money and time, you can also take on the task of hiring professionals to have the new unit fitted for you. This is definitely an option you should consider if you are still unsure how to do the job yourself.

Another important thing to note is that it is very important to check the location of the heat pumps to avoid overworking them. It is also recommended that you have someone else do this job because they will be able to determine whether the unit is working properly or not. Before buying a heat pump, make sure that it has enough cooling capacity to cool down the entire home.

Finding a proper installer to have the unit fitted for you is another important step in the process of having a heat pump at home. Ask around to find a reputable company that can do all the necessary tests and inspections so that you are assured of the quality of the equipment.

It is also important to find a good contractor that has years of experience in installing heat pumps. Because there are many things to consider in this process, it is important to pick one that knows exactly what they are doing.

To make sure that everything goes well, you will want to choose a company that has been in the industry for quite some time now. They should have years of experience in installing heat pumps. Most companies that have been in the industry for a long time are more reliable and trustworthy.

Companies that have been around for a long time are also likely to offer a guarantee on their products. This means that they will stand behind the products and guarantee that they work.

In order to ensure that you are choosing a good company to have your heat pump installation done, check out their credentials first. Find out what certifications they have received, and the type of heat pump that they use. This will help you make a decision about their skills. It is also a good idea to ask for testimonials from previous clients, so you can gauge whether they really know what they are doing or not.

By asking questions and checking out references, you will be able to choose a reputable company that will be able to do the job properly and efficiently. Make sure that you take care of your heat pump installation by making sure that it is done right from the start.

A Guide To Choosing The Best iPad Stand For Your Needs


If you are considering buying an iPad, one of the first things you will probably want to do is invest in a suitable iPad stand for your device. Choosing an appropriate stand for your iPad is actually rather simple if you follow some basic guidelines.

There are several different styles of iPad stand available for you to choose from. You can get a free stand if you buy an iPad at an Apple store. In this case, you won’t need to pay for any shipping or handling charges since there won’t be any shipping involved. However, buying an Apple store iPad stand means that you won’t have the option of trying it out at home before deciding whether or not you really need it. A stand that simply doubles up as a table to hold an iPad is a better choice for many people, but others prefer to have their iPads on a solid and stable base.

The good news about iPad stands is they can also be multipurpose, so you can use them in conjunction with other products as well. Some people love to use their iPads as a video camera, while others like to use their tablets for other things like reading books, browsing the web, and playing online games.

Of course, the most popular item when it comes to buying an iPad stand is the table stand. They are typically made of plastic with clips and a carrying handle, which mean that they are very convenient to carry around and you don’t need to worry about them falling over because of the weight. You can also attach a laptop or notebook underneath the table with a special adaptor.

Many people prefer to buy a stand that is portable. These can usually be bought with a detachable clip for easy transportation and storage. This is particularly useful if you travel a lot and find yourself taking your iPad with you on the airplane or even camping trips.

There are also some stands that are designed specifically for the iPad mini model. These are ideal for people who want to use their tablet only while traveling because they are compact and lightweight and therefore don’t require much space to carry around.

Don’t forget to consider what you are going to use the stand for when you are deciding on the perfect stand for your iPad. For example, if you plan on taking your tablet with you in airplane cabins or airplanes, you may prefer to buy a stand with wheels. If you don’t plan to travel often, a table stand is a much better choice.

As you can see, there are many options out there when it comes to choosing an ideal iPad stand for your needs. Just choose the one that fits your needs and you should be able to easily find something that will work well for your needs.

Another important consideration when selecting an iPad stand is the durability of the stand itself. Make sure that it is made of a durable material that will withstand the stress of everyday use. Also, make sure that the stand can support both your iPad and the other items that you will be using it with. Remember that if you plan on putting several items on the stand at once, the weight of all the items must be considered.

The last thing you want to do is to settle for a good quality product and then discover that it can’t hold up to regular usage. If you are going to pay the extra money for an iPad stand, make sure that you are going to get a good product.

You want a stand that will last a long time so you can use it for years to come and not have to purchase a new one. You don’t want to end up regretting the purchase later because it was purchased when the stand no longer works properly.

There are many different iPad stands out there, but only a few stand out from the rest. You will also want to think about the size of the stand when shopping. You don’t want to end up buying something too large or too small for your needs.

SEO New Zealand – How to Make a Living Online With SEO


If you are a writer and need to advertise your services online, then the best idea is to take up freelance writing SEO NZ. This is a highly lucrative sector, but you must learn everything you can about how to get the most out of it before you invest a cent.

Keyword research is one of the most vital elements to getting any successful search engine marketing campaign going. If you do not know the correct keywords to use, then your efforts will go down the drain.

Use the keywords in the title, and most importantly, in the text within your online website. You may have found a niche that pays very well with Google AdWords, but there may be others that are even better.

Using the right keywords and phrases, will generate traffic and increase the number of potential customers to your online website. It also means that the company’s information or products are displayed properly on search engines like Google.

This is where freelance SEO New Zealand writers come in, they are able to identify what these businesses are advertising in a language that is easy for the masses to understand. Therefore, when customers search for these keywords, they are directed to your online store, giving you extra sales.

Another way of attracting new clients is by keyword specific search engine submission. Your articles will need to use keywords to give your clients a full understanding of what your company has to offer.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so it is crucial that you have SEO NZ writers working on your site to ensure your clientele stay on top of the latest changes. The importance of having accurate and up to date content is as important as having your keyword rich content.

People who use search engines to find information are in constant search of new and better ways to buy, and services that they can provide. Your clients want more than just a website, they want results from their hard work and to achieve this they need to see it as soon as possible.

Find someone who has a good knowledge of AdWords, and who will produce good quality content for you to display on your websites. Remember the words people type into the search engines to locate information, when they are looking for information on the internet.

The internet is an ever changing place, and therefore the benefits of using SEO New Zealand writers can be seen everywhere. The only problem is, many people think that this is too expensive to do, and therefore cannot afford to invest in it.

That is why freelance writers have become a growing trend, to help the small business owner and personal worker compete online. People who have a passion for writing are finding it far easier to make a living, and this means the Internet will continue to grow and thrive.

Advertising is key, and the internet can get a little too complicated for some people, with the complexities of spam and finding sites that are genuinely useful. But, with the right freelance SEO NZ writers, you can get into a well paid online position, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the growing worldwide market place.

Martin Scorsese’s iconic scripts, costumes, props on display in ACMI exhibition

Handwritten scripts and classic photographs belonging to legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese will be part of an exhibition exploring his career at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne.

Simply titled Scorsese, the show will feature scripts, props, notes and costumes, some which have never been shown before.

With more than 60 directorial credits, curator Fiona Trigg said fans of his work would be in for a treat.

“It’s a really rich and complicated exhibition that explores his work, all the way through from Taxi Driver to his most recent works,” she said.

“It’s full of classic photographs, handwritten scripts and mementos, costumes and props from his whole career.”

Martin Scorsese on the set of HugoPHOTO: Martin Scorsese working with young actor Asa Butterfield while filming Hugo. (Sikelia Productions)

Several costumes are being shown exclusively in Australia, including the dresses worn by Cate Blanchett and Gwen Stefani in The Aviator, as well as costumes from Hugo, all designed by Sandy Powell.

“Costumes from the film Hugo, which Martin Scorsese made in tribute to the innovative French filmmaker Georges Melies, is [about] Hugo the young orphan boy who lives in a railway station, who finds Georges Melies’ work in a newsagency stand,” Ms Trigg said.

The director has also provided a number of items from his own personal collection.

Props from Gangs of New YorkPHOTO: Props from Gangs of New York are featured in the exhibition. (Deutsche Kinemathek/M. Stefanowski)

“There are some beautiful movie posters from his own collection that normally live on the walls of his house,” she said.

“There are some iconic props from Hitchcock films and a lot of very personal letters and postcards and film posters, and letters between Scorsese and other film directors that he’s worked with or that he’s friends with,” she said.

Perhaps surprisingly, Scorsese has only won one Academy Award, for The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2007.

The exhibition reflects on the influences on his career including his Italian heritage, his family and his upbringing in New York.

The exhibition will run until September 18.

Martin Scorsese in New YorkPHOTO: Martin Scorsese’s love of New York is a significant focus of the exhibition. (Sikelia Productions)

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The Beatles: Never-before-seen home movie shows band ‘mucking around’ in make-up studio

Never-before-seen footage of The Beatles “mucking around” in a make-up studio ahead of a television performance, shot more than half a century ago, has been released by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA).

The 49-second, black-and-white, silent video clip was filmed with an 8mm camera belonging to Australian dancer and make-up artist Dawn Swane, who was working at Granada TV in Manchester, UK at the time.

The footage, from November 1, 1965, shows the four members of the legendary band having fun in front of the camera as their make-up is applied.

Dawn Swane's autographed call sheet for The Music of Lennon & McCartney.
PHOTO: Ms Swane has kept the programme’s original call sheet, with autographs from the Beatles and Henry Mancini. (Supplied: NFSA)

“I was in the make-up room. And so we were having some champagne,” Ms Swane, now 83, said in a statement released by the NFSA.

“And anyway, I don’t know if it was John [Lennon] or if it was Ringo [Starr] but they took the camera off me and said: ‘This is no way to use a camera’, and they sort of jiggled it upside down and inside out a bit, and everybody was just mucking around.

“But that was great. I mean they were a nice group of people. They really were.”

The clip was donated by Ms Swane’s daughter, Melinda Doring, as part of a collection of home movies and video recordings.

The collection documents Ms Swane’s career and begins in 1957, when she was touring Europe as a dancer with the London Festival Ballet.

Ms Swane returned to Sydney in 1958 after injuring her back, where she worked for ABC TV and the Nine Network in various roles, including head of Bandstand’s make-up department.

She filmed the footage of the Beatles after returning to London in the 1960s, where she regularly took her camera to the Granada studio.

Ms Swane’s footage also featured other famous musicians, actors and directors, including British actor Michael Caine.

Ms Swane also kept the original call sheet for the television program the performers were preparing for, The Music of Lennon & McCartney, which has on it autographs from all four Beatles as well as legendary American composer Henry Mancini.

Footage ‘significantly rare’

Dawn Swane holds the original signed call sheet for The Music of Lennon & McCartney.
PHOTO: Ms Swane’s footage featured several famous musicians, actors and directors. (Supplied: NFSA)

“We don’t have anything as significantly rare in the collection in terms of a home movie,” NFSA assistant film curator Tara Marynowsky said.

“[To have] something so high-profile is just quite incredible to have, especially when our client, Dawn Swane, held onto it for quite some time.

“Years and years later, we get to uncover this and make that available to audiences … it’s really, really rare actually.”

Ms Doring said she first saw the footage as a teenager, but came across it again four years ago and realised it was starting to have “vinegar syndrome”, a chemical process which causes film to deteriorate.

“I knew there was stuff there that needed to be preserved, so I knew it was the right time to ring up the archive and get it stabilised and preserved before it would have been lost forever,” she said.