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How to Make a Monster: award-winning animatronic movie magic returns home

After touring the world, a collection of animatronic movie monsters has finally come home to south-east Queensland. The How to Make a Monster exhibition features the creative works of Gold Coast-based award-winning special effects master John Cox. The exhibition brings together art, science and engineering for a behind-the-scenes look at creatures that either melted movie-goers’ […]

Long-serving ABC cameraman Peter Donnelly dies in Hobart

One of ABC Tasmania’s longest-serving cameramen has been remembered for his intelligence and love of his craft. Peter Donnelly, 79, died in a Hobart hospital on Thursday after a protracted illness. He worked for the national broadcaster for 40 years before retiring about a decade ago. His interest in cinema began when he saw a […]

Arthur’s Movie Night: Join ABC Radio Adelaide at the Drive-in

Ali and David have uncovered a suburban Adelaide classic movie buff Everyone meet Arthur from Athelstone. He has over 1000 VHS tapes and just so that he will always be able to watch his movie collection, he also owns 3 VCRs. To celebrate Arthur and his lifelong devotion to film, Ali and David are giving […]

How To Choose A Professional Carpet Cleaner For Your Home

  If you have ever thought about getting some Auckland carpet cleaning done, you need to know what to look for in the industry and how to tell when you’re getting your money’s worth. There are many different types of carpet cleaners out there, and many different types of carpet stains. Dry cleaning Auckland Carpet […]

Buy CBD Oil In Australia – Is It Legal?

  You can only buy CBD oil in Australia if you are diagnosed with a disease related to marijuana. This means that you can’t just buy it over the internet, for instance. At the moment, there are only 2 approved CBD approved products on the market – a product called Sativex and an oral spray […]